Janet Liesemer


Janet is the youngest of 3 children and was born in Toronto, Ontario. She moved to Grey County in 1999. In 2012, Janet became a full-time artist specializing in acrylic landscape paintings using her love of travel and the surrounding countryside as her source of inspiration. She loves to take the simple scenes from the local area and create a painting that invokes a sense of "peace" from the viewer.

"I have always enjoyed art. My first introduction to painting was at the age of 8 when a friend of the family invited me to go plein air painting with her. I was fascinated with how she took that empty canvas and with colour and a few brush strokes created a beautiful painting. I was hooked! From that age on I always wanted to draw, paint and create. It was always my dream to be an artist and I couldn't be more blessed or thankful that I am now living my dream."

A Country Winter by Janet Liesemer
A Country Winter
10" H x 30" W
A Day At The Beach by Janet Liesemer
A Day At The Beach
48" H x 18" W
A River Runs Through It by Janet Liesemer
A River Runs Through It
36" H x 60" W
All Things Cottage Country by Janet Liesemer
All Things Cottage Country
20" H x 16" W
Beaver Valley Farm by Janet Liesemer
Beaver Valley Farm
24" H x 48" W
Bon Echo Canoe Break by Janet Liesemer
Bon Echo Canoe Break
10" H x 30" W
Buried In Snow by Janet Liesemer
Buried In Snow
10" H x 30" W
Change Of Seasons by Janet Liesemer
Change Of Seasons
24" H x 48" W
Chantry Island Blues by Janet Liesemer
Chantry Island Blues
18" H x 48" W
Day's End by Janet Liesemer
Day's End
15" H x 30" W
Endless Creek by Janet Liesemer
Endless Creek
48" H x 30" W
Evening Stillness by Janet Liesemer
Evening Stillness
24" H x 48" W