Brian Buckrell


Brian retired from the University of Guelph (veterinary medicine) in 2001 and moved with his wife, Cathy, to Comox on Vancouver Island. Having achieved excellence in his profession, Brian retired early. He sold everything he had and moved to British Columbia into a small trailer to start a new life. It was a risk, but one that paid off. In learning to paint, and the effort he put forth, he is living his passion. Brian paints full time. He paints contemporary impressionistic interpretations of the Canadian landscape. Many of his paintings are made on location (plein air). He has received numerous awards for both his studio and plein air paintings and his work has been cited in prestigious art magazines in Canada and the USA. Brian is a student of art and continues to study with acclaimed artists. He is represented by galleries in BC, Alberta and Ontario. His work has sold throughout Canada and internationally. Brian and Cathy share their time between Comox, B.C. and Collingwood, Ontario.

Autumn Reflections II by Brian Buckrell
Autumn Reflections II
30" H x 24" W
Autumn Runs Abstract by Brian Buckrell
Autumn Runs Abstract
14" H x 18" W
Autumn the Blue Mountains by Brian Buckrell
Autumn the Blue Mountains
36" H x 36" W
Can You Hear That? by Brian Buckrell
Can You Hear That?
24" H x 36" W
Drive to the Bay by Brian Buckrell
Drive to the Bay
24" H x 24" W
First Day by Brian Buckrell
First Day
24" H x 24" W
Flower Pot Pinks by Brian Buckrell
Flower Pot Pinks
14" H x 18" W
Good Morning Collingwood by Brian Buckrell
Good Morning Collingwood
24" H x 48" W
Grey Country Brown and Whites by Brian Buckrell
Grey Country Brown and Whites
36" H x 36" W
Lighthouse Sunset by Brian Buckrell
Lighthouse Sunset
12" H x 36" W
Ontario Majestic by Brian Buckrell
Ontario Majestic
36" H x 36" W
Remembering Peggy's Cove by Brian Buckrell
Remembering Peggy's Cove
18" H x 36" W