Born in Toronto, Ontario, Janet Liesemer is the youngest of 3 children. Her move to Grey County in 1999 allowed her to launch her own business, Paint by Design. Janet specialized in interior painting and murals. In 2012 she became a full-time artist now placing much of her focus on acrylic landscape paintings. She leverages her passion and love of travel and surrounding countryside for inspiration. Finding joy in invoking peace in her viewers, Janet aims to transform her local surroundings into incredible and often serene paintings.

Janet blesses the gallery with her presence and talent regularly, offering painting classes. Her classes often sell out requiring waiting lists!

Despite her incredible body of work, Janet maintains that her top achievement is raising a family and now, being blessed with grandchildren. Nothing is more important to her than family and faith. Professionally, one of her top achievements was becoming a full-time exhibitor at Loft Gallery in 2015. Catapulting her career which has led to a myriad of professional developments. The true professional, Janet also considers any completed commission delivered to a happy, satisfied client as an achievement.

Janet has a new blog!  Follow her at find updates on her current projects and musings, or check out her latest paintings here.

See more of Janet's work here.