My name is Heather Carroll and I am the owner of Loft Gallery Inc.

My vision as a gallery owner is to support and build the visibility of the artists I represent while providing a beautiful location for clients to come and experience the artwork.  I am passionate about creating memorable gallery experiences.  This can be everyday experiences such as providing a space for our two resident artists Debra Lynn Carroll and Lorne McDermott to paint on-site so clients can interact with them as they paint, to providing space for business meetings to be held in a beautiful gallery setting, to providing painting classes for students.

There are also plenty of other exciting moments to be experienced in the gallery like our Annual Square Foot Show every November, and numerous other special community events spread throughout the year where musicians, artists and foodies come together at the gallery.

My goal is to make your experience a memorable one whether you are looking to purchase an original painting for your home or whether you just want to drop by to say "hi" and to see the latest works.

"Elevating Your Experience with Art".