Jennifer Woodburn


Growing up in Saskatchewan, Jennifer always had a love of the outdoors. After meeting her husband, Mark, in Whistler, they began a series of adventures that brought them to various mountain resort communities across North America. It was in Summit County, Colorado, that Jennifer first decided to pick up a paintbrush. Since that time Jennifer has continued to evolve her style. Working in acrylic paints, she focuses on the graphic nature of the outside world. Line, shape and colour are all major components in her work. Creating simpler forms from what she sees, joyous riots of colour reach across her canvases. “I love the tactile experience of painting. It is so immediate and rewarding."

Jennifer is primarily a self-taught artist, who has relied on workshops and occasional classes for her education. Living in various locations has given her an appreciation of the wide-open spaces that the prairies, large bodies of water and mountain vistas provide. She uses these inspirations when painting her landscapes. Currently, Jennifer resides in Clarksburg, Ontario with her husband, teenage son, and puppy.

Afternoon in the Country by Jennifer Woodburn
Afternoon in the Country
16" H x 16" W
Afternoon Light On The Snow by Jennifer Woodburn
Afternoon Light On The Snow
16" H x 16" W
Back Roads & Big Skies by Jennifer Woodburn
Back Roads & Big Skies
24" H x 40" W
Beaver Valley Bend by Jennifer Woodburn
Beaver Valley Bend
36" H x 60" W
Birches by the Shore by Jennifer Woodburn
Birches by the Shore
40" H x 40" W
Cascade Falls by Jennifer Woodburn
Cascade Falls
60" H x 36" W
Cascading Down by Jennifer Woodburn
Cascading Down
40" H x 30" W
Cascading Rocks by Jennifer Woodburn
Cascading Rocks
16" H x 16" W
Down the Forest Path by Jennifer Woodburn
Down the Forest Path
30" H x 48" W
Dreaming of Summer by Jennifer Woodburn
Dreaming of Summer
30" H x 40" W
Dusk Reflections by Jennifer Woodburn
Dusk Reflections
48" H x 30" W
Enchanted Diptych by Jennifer Woodburn
Enchanted Diptych
60" H x 72" W